HERO N1 from Coheros ​​​​​​​is a LoRaWAN network coverage measurement device for professional users who plan, build and maintain the LoRaWAN network.
Industrial design in collaboration with Treon and Omuus.


HERO N1 is hand held and it fits to a standard car mobile phone stand. The color and surface texture prevent reflections on windscreen. Lens-shaped form is pleasant in hand. Geometric shapes look modern even after years.
The housing is made of minimum number of parts. Front cover continues to the bottom where charger connector is at the edge of the covers. Back cover is a firm case for rugged use. Power key is multi-functional as a light guide. The device can be opened with tools.
The antennas are protected in the recess. Bumps on back side protect from scratches. Back side has recess for a standard product label.
The device can be re-branded with Coheros' clients logos.
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