Concept and industrial design of a mounting solution for an eChargie electric vehicle charger. 
The mounting consists of painted sheet metal parts. It is an inexpensive solution for the purpose. Post-processing is minimized to spot welding and painting. 
The structure holds several functional details, yet only minimal folding processes. The overall mounting can be secured with a single accessory lock.
The eChargie device and mounting solution are designed by Omuus in collaboration with Treon
In addition to concept and industrial design of the mounting solution, I concepted a wall mount of the device, supported the device product development and designed the device graphic layout.
The mounting solution consists of a Mounting Module incl. a Mounting Plate, and a Carrying Module
An additional Wall Mount allows the device to be mounted on a wall.
The Carrying Module can be integrated into the Mounting Module, or as a standalone solution to carry the car charging cables incl. the transformer. An additional Wall Bracket allows the Carrying Module to be hung on the wall.
eChargie solution utilizes the car heating poles for block heaters, which are widely used in Nordics.
1. The CARRYING MODULE is integrated into the MOUNTING MODULE through the CARRYING HANDLE hole. Carrying Module hangs on SUSPENSION HOOKS in the Mounting Module.
2. The DEVICE is attached to the Mounting Module from behind the Module.The car heating pole PREVENTS an access to the device attachment. The Device BLOCKS the Carrying Module from removal.
3. The overall mounting is attached to the car heating pole with the MOUNTING PLATE.
It can be secured with a SINGLE accessory lock.
The Mounting Module can be used as STANDALONE without integration.
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