Business card, presentation material, digital and print templates
Fourdeg Smart Heating ® is a comprehensive Service to improve indoor comfort with individual and stable heating, and save heating energy costs by lower consumption and demand-side management.
As a CDO and Co-founder of Fourdeg, I create all the presentation material.
Colored logo
There is a longer story how we ended up to the company name Fourdeg, an abbreviation from "four degrees". 
In the symbol of the logo the shape of four vertical lines originate from typical a water radiator. The degree sign in the upper right corner represents both degree and TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) next to the vertical radiator lines. The circle itself is also a reminder of a typical TRV shape.
Radiator shapes as an inspirational material
The rounded font follows the theme of the symbol. The red color is naturally connected to the heating. The symbol is functional in black and white, as well as a negative.
A part of the symbol is repeated in all company presentation material. As a clean tech company the environmental values are taken into account in all our material. As an example, the brochures are available only in digital format, and business cards are printed on recycled paper without lacquer.
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