GEM is a concept phone where the whole device is a seamless active display. It is created jointly by Nokia Research Center and Nokia Design.
GEM is a natural step forward in the evolution of mobile phones. It takes them from a flat surface to the third dimension, enabling managing and storing content on all sides of the device. This naturally gives various benefits and opportunities for the user. One of the emerging technologies used in this concept are bi-stable displays that do not consume power if the content is not changing. GEM is also an ultimate concept for digital personalization and multitasking has never been as easy as now, when all sides of the phone can be utilized. Having several applications and functionalities open at the same time enables seamless interaction between different applications.

The visual appearance of GEM transforms from a device to another. Depending on what application is open, the phone can appear like a device whether it is phone, camera or game controller, just to name a few. It can also look like a traditional mobile phone, having the sides decorative or functional with the applications of choice.

Even though the entire phone is one big touch screen, GEM can recognize that only the sides you want to use are activated. GEM may seem like a futuristic concept but it is based on existing technologies.
I was one of the original concept creators and Design Manager of Nokia GEM. The concept was launched in Nokia Research Center 25th Anniversary.
GEM was awarded the red dot design award, the best of the best 2011.
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