Role: service design, UI design, visual design, animation and editing.
Service design for Greendrivers, a driving school located in Helsinki metropolitan area.
The project was implemented as part of continuing education of Service Design in cooperation with Niina Laurenti and Tiina Saine.
The Finnish law on driving licenses changed in 2018. Private driving license instruction became easier and more popular. This resulted up to 50% drop in driving school revenues.
Driving schools are forced to look for sources of income.
Research problems.
• Teaching problems faced by private driving instructors and their students.
• Identify the needs.
• Grow the service sales.
Limitation of the research group.
1. Private driving instructors.
2. Students of private driving instructors.
Driving school students.
Heavy traffic driver's examination.
Desk research.
• Online forums.
• Competitor analysis.
Online survey.
• Private driving instructors.
• Students of private driving instructors.
• Driving school customers via client.
• Facebook advertising.
• Intranet of Laurea University of Applied Sciences.
• Online forums.
F2F interviews.
• Private driving instructors.
• Students of private driving instructors.
• Driving school customers via client.
Difficulties in reaching the interviewees.
• Strictly limited target group.
• No answer from The Driving School Association.
• Ajovarma, the institute for driving license and instructor applications, does not provide any personal data.
Suggestions for improvement.
Based on the competitor analysis, interviews, and communication material audit.
1. Clear service packages.
2. Regular and systematic communication in Social Media.
3. Clear brand message.
4. Collaboration with parties related to car driving.
Identified personas of private driving instructors.
• Kalevi Kaikkitietävä, an omniscient who is difficult to reach.
• Tuula Turvallinen, a person to whom safety is the most important factor.
• Hannu Hybridi selects the best parts of individual instruction and the driving school.
Customer experience path.
Simplified customer experience path of a private driving instructor.
Private driving instructors are a new target group in addition to traditional driving school students. The challenge is to create a need for a group that is not mandatory to purchase any services.
They are reached through the driving license student, usually their own child.
Driving license student has mandatory studies, offered by driving schools. Purchase by a student entitles to a benefit for the private driving instructor. This opens a direct contact for additional sales.
New and clear service packages.
Based on improvement suggestions.
• New services for private driving instructors.
• Private driving instruction as an equal option to driving school.
• Clear service packages for private driving instructors and their students.
• Easy comparison between services,
including between the private driving instruction and driving school.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.

Digital driving license guide.
Expanding the business beyond an individual driving school.
• Greendrivers application is distributed by other driving schools for their customers.
It is a comprehensive service for private driving instructors.
• Re-branding based on the driving school.
• General national instructions with local traffic customization.

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