Role: concept design, industrial design, animation and editing.
The wine industry has a wide selection of beverages with different serving temperatures. Wine cabinets may have a couple shelves with different temperatures. They only cover a certain temperature range, consume constantly electricity and take up space. The bottles are also cooled by ice cubes whose preparation consumes water and electricity resulting random serving temperatures with wet bottles.
Sensiqo is a startup founded by restaurant industry professionals and profound wine enthusiasts. Their first product is champagne / wine cooler for B2B clients and B2C luxury markets.
A bottle is cooled from room temperature to exact serving temperature in matter of minutes. The serving temperature can be maintained by storing the bottle in the cooler.
In addition to Sensiqo, the project team included three companies. Trend study and CMF design (Colors, Material and Finish) was executed by Omuus, mechanical design by MH-Tuotesuunnittelu and industrial design by Desigma.
After a brief, target setting and design drivers workshop Desigma did massing studies with main components. This was continued with sketching rounds based on different component assemblies. Sketches included traditional wine cooler buckets, sculptural shapes and modular solutions. The chosen design direction is a minimalistic device with shapes that come from a bottle and a side profile that resembles a wide cooler bucket.
The cover material is deep-drawn steel. Alternative materials, such as leather, were studied; as well as details often associated with luxury products. However, minimalist approach and genuine materials represent timeless design. The cooler has three color variants: champagne, rose gold and steel. It can be laser labeled with a customer logo even in small series. Both the concept and commercial product are design protected.
Desigma created industrial design, user interface design and visual design also for the commercial product.
The cooler is on presale and the expected delivery is on Q4 2019.

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