Role: Concept and Industrial Design, Animation and Editing.
VIS-SWIR stands for visible-shortwave-infrared
Applications for VIS-SWIR camera are in recycling, food sorting, machine vision, night vision, and hyperspectral imaging. Read more.
The camera housing consists of an extruded aluminum tube sealed with machined aluminum plates. The extrusion is also machined in a post-treatment to open the ventilation ducts, and for attachment purposes.
Extrusion is basically in two layers. Ventilation between the layers insulates the heat from the outer layer. Competing products are often handled with gloves.
The device is used horizontally and vertically, and horizontal position can be rotated. Laser-marked logos are placed to support different positions.
There are different hardware variants. Camera core is available also without the casing. 
Lenses are 3rd party products.
Watch Emberion presentation in EPIC - European Photonics Industry Consortium.
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